Your safety is our absolute priority at all of our events. Any harassment, intimidation, discrimination, physical violence, or inappropriate behaviour toward vulnerable adults or minors is absolutely not tolerated.

If for any reason you witness any of the above, or feel you have suffered from the above then we ask you to contact us as soon as you can. It is very important that you do not leave it be as if it is not reported then the safety of the attendee or even other attendees may be further jeopardised.

How To Contact Us

1) Speak to a crew member (if possible either senior staff identifiable by wearing a red crew shirt).
2) Call this phone number (only active during an event): 07983671948.
3) Reporting it on the app or using the Online Report Form.
4) Reporting it to the front desk.
5) By Emailing

In any report please ensure you provide as much detail as possible – including the times, everyone who was involved (including names and physical descriptions if you can) and the location(s).

Once we have received your report we will immediately begin to begin investigating and sorting the matter out. We may ask you to provide further information so we can get a better idea of what happened. Depending on the severity of the incident we may either warn the individual involved or remove and ban them from the event, involving security where necessary.

It is absolutely vital you do make us aware. Please note that we can only act to resolve a situation once we are aware of it! Do not assume that we are aware and do not assume someone else will tell us – it is always better safe than sorry!

If you have any questions regarding our safeguarding policies then don’t hesitate to email us on