This privacy policy applies to the Animeleague Events app, available for Android and iOS mobile platforms.
More information on our App can be found on our website:

Data Collection By The Animeleague Mobile App

Our mobile apps provide access to our websites and services. Our Website and Forum privacy policies apply, please see below for the details.

Google Firebase Analytics Data

Anonymous user statistics are collected by Google/Apple, as outlined in their terms & conditions. Our app uses Google Firebase in order to provide push notification services. Google Firebase collects app usage data which is stored by Google and accessed by Animeleague. This data is not shared with any other parties by Animeleague. Google’s use of the data and data collected (Animeleague uses the default data collection settings) can be found here:

Data Stored and Processed Within The Animeleague App

The Animeleague app will store a user login; either an email address or Animeleague Forum user ID, and an encrypted password. This data is used to provide user specific services, such as for Animeleague Event ticket sales.

For a ticket sale, the app will process the registration data before sending it to the Animeleague server. The app will store identification information so a purchase can be made, and so that a ticket can be displayed inside the app after a sale.

Purchases can be made by Apple Pay, Android Pay or via PayPal. Purchase data will be stored by the provider and accessed by Animeleague. The data will not be shared with any 3rd parties.

Data Collected By The Animeleague Server

Data collected by our servers are used to provide the service. The data collected is outlined in the policy below.

Animeleague Event Ticket Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

You can view our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on this link:

These terms apply to all ticket sales made on our websites or via our mobile apps.

Animeleague Forum User Account

We collect the following information when you register a user account with us:

Password (encrypted automatically by our system when entered)
Email Address
IP Address

Your username is listed publicly on our forum and is an integral part of the forum system. The other information entered at account registration will not be displayed publicly.

Data We Collect when you Use our Forum (such as making a post)

In addition to the text entered when you post, we also store the IP address used at the time of posting, and the username of who made the post. The IP address is collected only for the purposes of website security.

Additional Data Collection

You may enter additional information for use on your public profile such as your Skype username, your other email accounts, and information about you. This data is entered optionally for the purposes of displaying on your profile and is not necessary for the use of the Forum.

If you post any of your personal information on a forum thread or on your public profile, you understand that it is being displayed publicly and that Animeleague shall not be liable if a third party obtains your information from this public post or publicly viewable profile.

Who Has Access to My Data?

Our Forum staff have access to your data for the purposes of maintaining your data, managing the Forum, and to enforce Forum security. Our forum staff with access are Moderators (Purple usernames), Head Moderators (Green usernames), and Administrators (Red usernames). Our forum staff are required to keep your information confidential as part of our Staff Policy. We deny access to your data when access is not required (i.e. when a member leaves staff, or are non-staff members).

How We Use Your Data?

Your username, password and email address are used on your account. Your Email address is used to notify you of any account related information. Your other information is entered optionally by you. Some information entered may be displayed publicly, and it is your choice to enter this data.

IP Address Collection and Usage

Your IP address is stored when you access the server, and is only collected for the purpose of protecting our system (the Forum and the web server it’s hosted on) from bad behavior such as trolling. Staff members have access to your IP address.

We delete old IP addresses from our server once they are no longer needed, typically after 24 months.

How We Use Your Email Address and Your Options

When you register an account, you will get email notifications from the Forum. These include notifications about new private messages, new visitor messages and new posts from threads you follow. These emails are about the forum service only, which you have signed up to use; you won’t be added to our mailing list unless you opt-in, and you can opt-out of any of these forum emails at any point by editing your settings.

You have the option of subscribing to our mailing list for our events and services. You can opt-in to these emails when you register your forum account, or any time later in your profile. You can opt-out of any emails we send you at any time.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies on the Forum; some cookies are essential system cookies while others are used for analyzing our web traffic. For a full overview of our use of cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information.

Third Parties

Your privacy is very important to us at Animeleague. We will never share your private profile information with any third parties at any time, for any reason.
If you opt-in to analytics cookies, the information shared with Google and Facebook Pixel will be anonymous, won’t include any personal details such as your email address or your full IP address. Google Analytics uses a partial IP address, however the last number of the address is hidden to keep it anonymous.

Your Right to be Forgotten

You have the right to be forgotten. If you wish for us to delete your user account, your posts, or all of your personal information (including your IP address), then please email us at with your request. We will typically respond and comply with your request within 2 working days, but it may take up to 5 working days.

More Information

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us through our preferred contact method: